VIDEO: Wande Coal – Rotate

The video to Wande Coal‘s hit single “Rotate” is finally out. As expected, lots of rotating is involved.

Directed by Sesan.






Artiste – Brymo

Producer – Mikky Me

Features – David

Running Time: 31:59

Chocolate City’s runaway vocalist – Brymo has unleashed his third studio album christened ‘Merchants, Dealers & Slaves’; battling for the future of his career as an artiste. The ‘Son of a Kapenta’ is in prime “fighting” form, singing for his life and delivering an emotional, mysterious and poetic masterpiece that will stand the test of time. An art bound to take you to a safe haven; Mr. Olawale outdid himself as he collaborated with ‘Mikky Me’ to produce the album of the year (when compared to the shallow releases 2013 has witnessed).

If we say M, D & S can be matched to Asa’s debut album or likened to something you will stumble on in Fela’s discography; we are not exaggerating… Equipped with his heart and voice, Brymo complexly wows and amazes. Digest our track-to-track review and know which song moves best:

  1. Truthfully: The third constituent of his ill-fated second LP ‘Son of a Kapenta’ proclaimed Olawale a lover and he is; Brymo sings from the heart about love on the opening cut ‘Truthfully’. Stronger and more emotive  than any piece on her predecessor; Brymo employs his gritty voice as he let out lyrics, “Truthfully, honestly/I no fit see you/ if I no see me/you be like my blueprint/there is no plan without you/there is something about you, truthfully’ on the chorus.

  2. Money Ft. David: “You dey think about boobie/she dey think about your puurse”; love does not pay the bills so Brymo is still a dealer. Accompanied by seasoned guitarist ‘David’ who is to be blamed for the enchanting guitar rifs heard on the rich instrumentation of ‘Money’, Ashimi wows with his vocals and arguably births the LP’s brightest moment.

  3. Dear Titilope: The third number ushers in ‘Merchants, Dealers & Slaves’ greatest strengths as Brymo leaves his ‘crush’ named ‘Titilope’ as he moves to ‘Eko’(Lagos) for the fame and fortune she has to offer.

  4. Eko: We do not want to be in Titilope’s shoes nonetheless ‘Eko’ will stir deep emotions. The message is very relatable; the excellent instrumentation orchestrated by Mikky Me… ‘Eko’ is one helluva song. It has ‘timeless’ written all over!

  5. Grand Pa: GrandPa is a rolling stone because he is getting older? Heavily influenced by afrobeats just like majority of the body of work, Brymo complains about his father’s father ever rising care-free attitude.

  6. Down: ‘Down’ is a poetic and stunning piece. “Them say the chief/ him dey sleep with the thief wife/aboki for corner e sleep with the chief wife/ the neighbour daughter carry belle for the thief child”; the stellar cut which serves as the album lead single addresses the ills, chain reaction and rollercoaster of happenings in the town, or should I say society.

  7. Cheap Wine: The 3:20 tracks starts with mesmerizing strings and can be described as a song inspired by the saying; “there are better days ahead”. Preaching hope and perseverance, Brymo is sure and hopes you join him to have fun, dance, drink ‘Cheap Wine’ and dream on.

  8. Purple Jar: The unfaithful ways of the singers led to heartbreak and love lost arises on ‘Purple Jar’. With lyrics carrying heavy undertones, Brymo haunts with this song.

  9. Everyone Gets to Die: On an amazing reggae influenced instrumentation, Brymo sings about the growing inequality between rich and poor as he says ‘Everyone Gets To Die’.

  10. Se Bo’timo:  Sung entirely in his native dialect ‘Yoruba’, Brymo teases memory of Asa on ‘Se Bo’ Timo; which means “Cut your coat according to your size”. The tenth track is the soul centre of the album and talks about staying true to oneself because tongues will always wag; prioritize and be clear about your purpose.

  11. M, D & S: Strangely short, the LP closes with the guitar driven title track. Poetic in every form, Brymo classifies people in three categories.

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His name is tino, he has to be one of the dopest artiste to ever come out of i.c.c….he belonged to rap group known as the fli-boiz after which he went solo to chase his dreams and that was when he joined the notorious rap group ‘REAPER GANG”…The song is simply about hilarious and serious issues tino is known for yabbing girls and some stuff they do like in the part of ” a girl should never tell him how to do his job when d best thing they’re employed for is a blow job” ………hmmm funny!…….this mc is also ready for any beef in the rap game like in the line ” bring your beef I don’t care if its cooked or raw”. well i don’t wanna spoil the fun so just download and enjoy!!!


Party With Deksel and Friends @ Bubble Plus Lounge

Without any doubt, Cosmos Entertainment is set to unleash the ‘’Duo Titans’’ of their Label Jimmy and Billy of D’eksel with the support of so many key players in the entertainment industry amongst whom are Dr. Kenny Ogungbe (Baba Keks), MD Raypower and CEO Kennis Music International ,Adebola Olumide Akanbi, the MD/CEO Batture Multimedia international, Sule Ellams (Sollazo of Ray Power),Dele Esan (Baba Nee of Prime Time Africa),Yemi Sounde (Jigan Alakala), omo Jesu , Dj x-mart and many others.  Cosmos Entertainment has finally completed arrangements for a get together bash for the said artist D’eksel under its label, the get together bash is tagged D’eksel and Friends Bash which is scheduled to come up on the 3rd of November, 2013.  Support for the Event includes Ray Power/AIT, Faaji F.m, the beat 97.9 F.m, Nigezie, Black Hits Africa, One Mic, Music Africa, Omab Communication,Unilag olodo,, Cinex media, Top One Gardens, Bubble Plus Lounge, News watch, PM news, Tribune, Global Excellence, National Mirror, Tranex Courier, Lawson Abu Productions South Africa, and many others too numerous to mention. The aim of this event is to officially showcase and re-launch D’eksel as a musical group to the whole world.

As the Bash countdown has started, lots awaits all D’eksel fans and intending fans who wants to be part of this great event, though it is strictly by invitation but appropriate provision has been made for whoever wants to be part of the event. To get an invite to the event, all you need do is to text BASH to 35140 , the text message costs #100 and it is available only to MTN, AIRTEL AND ETISALAT subscribers. A reply message will be sent back on how to secure an INVITE/PASS for the event.

Expected Guests at the event includes the big wigs from the entertainment world both movie and music (lots of A-lists artist will be in attendance), VJs, DJs, OAPs, comedians and big names from the banking world and engineering sector.

The Event Venue is the prestigious Bubble Plus Lounge, Ring road, Ibadan. Red carpet starts by 2p.m and once again the event date is the 3rd of November, 2013. This event promises to be a spectacular one as it is the type of event that has never happened before in the history of the ancient city IBADAN.